Butterfly is physically the hardest stroke to perform out of the four major swimming strokes. It is a very rhythmical stroke that requires correct body undulation and timing.


At Propulsion Swimming, we believe the drills below are the best ones in the swimming world that will help you understand that rhythm and timing, and also increase the power and strength in your Butterfly technique.


The most important part of having a great Butterfly technique is having a strong undulating dolphin kick. Training Butterfly kick will not only improve your ability for swimming Butterfly but also improve your starts and turns.



Vertical Dolphin Kick is a tough but hugely beneficial Butterfly kick drill to do if done correctly.  This Butterfly drill is a great gauge of how strong your dolphin kick is as well as adding a great new training method to mix up your swimming sessions!


If you want to learn how to swim faster underwater then you need to make sure you are concentrating on two main aspects; A tight streamline position and smooth flowing body undulations.


Anchoring your forearms is one of the main aims of swimming Butterfly. This drill improves your Butterfly technique and helps you enhance your powerful Butterfly swimming.