There are a plethora of Freestyle drills out there which many swimmers and coaches use, some are hugely beneficial, some not so much. 


At Propulsion Swimming, we believe that every drill should be performed slowly and steady and done to replicate a part of the full stroke. That’s why the drills we've chosen below are the best drills that are of most benefit to enhance your freestyle technique and improve on your swimming times.


One of the most important drills you can do when swimming Freestyle and is fantastic for improvement by concentrating on your initial body position and leg kick.



Otherwise known as Zipper Drill, this is a progression on from Swordfish Kick; training Freestyle technique, body positioning, and breathing technique!!


This drill focuses on a critical phase of Freestyle; the transition between both arms during the pull movement of the stroke. It joins together the very simple drill of Swordfish with the initial movement of full stroke.


This drill is very similar to full stroke Freestyle however, it makes you concentrate that little bit more on elements like Freestyle rotation and timing.


Doggy Paddle is one of the oldest and most well-known swimming techniques around but it is also a brilliant swimming drill to do to improve your Freestyle catch.

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