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It's that time in an elite swimmers career where they have to be at their best to secure a spot for the biggest sporting stage on planet earth!

Who's going to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games?

In this blog, we break down the results of every event at the 2021 British Selection Trials held at the London Aquatics Centre; who swam under the consideration times set by British Swimming, and who we believe should be packing their bags and preparing to board the plane to Tokyo in July.

With 35 places up for grabs, let's take a look at who has earned the right to be representing GB at Tokyo!

Day 1

Women's 200m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 1:57:28

1. Freya Anderson - 1.56.80 (OC)

2. Abbie Wood - 1.57.48

3. Lucy Hope - 1.57.65

A great swim from Freya Anderson to achieve her consideration time for Tokyo!!

Abbie Wood narrowly misses out by 0.2 as does Lucy Hope but both with new lifetime bests and surely will be selected for the 4 x 200m Relay if British Swimming choose to take a team.

Men's 400m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 3:46:78

1. Kieran Bird - 3:46:00 (OC)

2. Tom Dean - 3:47:58

3. Dan Jervis - 3:47:61

WOW! Where did that come from??

Certainly swim of the day and potentially swim of the meet from Kieran Bird. We were left absolutely speechless on our live stream, with a 4.9 second personal best to gain Olympic Consideration!!!

Women's 400m IM

Olympic Consideration Time - 4:36:38

1. Aimee Willmott - 4:35:70 (OC)

2. Lily Booker - 4:43:40

3. Hannah Miley - 4:45:00

A sensational solo swim from Aimee Willmott to gain her consideration time which we thought could have been just out of reach.

Big shout out to Lily Booker for the lifetime best as well. She's got a big future ahead of her!!

Men's 100m Breaststroke

Olympic Consideration Time - 59:23

1. Adam Peaty - 57:39 (OC)

2. James Wilby - 58:76 (OC)

3. Ross Murdoch - 59:51

As expected, Adam Peaty showing his pedigree with another sub 58 swim. With massive improvement on his start and turn, another World Record swim in Tokyo might well be on the cards.

Is there a heavier favourite come Tokyo?

Women's 100m Butterfly

Olympic Consideration Time - 57:92

1. Harriet Jones - 57:79 (OC)

2. Laura Stephens - 57:98

3. Alys Thomas - 58:63

She's been hitting career bests every time she gets in the water this year and she's done it yet again!! Harriet Jones with an incredible lifetime best in the 100m butterfly and secures her individual consideration time!!

Laura Stephens misses by 0.06 but sets a great personal best in coming in second!

Men's 200m IM

Olympic Consideration Time - 1:58:32

1. Duncan Scott - 1:55:90 (OC) BRITISH RECORD

2. Joe Litchfield - 1:57:74 (OC)

3. Max Litchfield - 1:58:43

Duncan Scott blows away the field to set the fastest time in the world this year. To put it into perspective, 1:55:90 would have won World Championship gold in 2019!

Joe Litchfield with a 0.5 lifetime best to secure his consideration time at the first time of asking!

Day 2

Women's 800m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 8:22:05

1. Leah Crisp - 8:44.67

2. Emily Clarke - 8:52:42

3. Lauren Wetherall - 8:56:58

Tough race for the girls in the 800m with a ridiculously quick consideration time. A young field with much to learn and improve on in the future!!

Men's 800m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 7:49:96

1. Dan Jervis - 7:50:33

2. Kieran Bird - 7:50:75

3. Luke Turley - 7:54:27

Consideration time missed by the skin of its teeth for both Kieran and Dan. Impressive back-end speed for both and we would expect improvements in the near future.

We believe that Bill Furniss should take them both for this event!!

Men's 200m Butterfly

Olympic Consideration Time - 1:55:45

1. James Guy - 1:55:20 (OC)

2. Jay Lelliott - 1:56:76

3. Ed Mildred - 1:58:04

Jimmy is the Guy!!! Gutsy swim from Jimmy, taking it out in a 53.02 to smash his personal best and hold on to secure his consideration time!! A massive 1.5 second lifetime best for Jay Lelliott in second shouldn't go unnoticed, especially when he thinks there's more to give!!

Women's 100m Backstroke

Olympic Consideration Time - 1:00:23

1. Kathleen Dawson - 58:24 (OC)

2. Cassie Wild - 59:51 (OC)

3. Georgia Davies - 1:00:01 (OC)

Three girls go under the consideration time with only 2 capable of filling Olympic places! Kathleen Dawson smashes her previous best set in Manchester to go the 8th fastest 100m Backstroke of ALL TIME!!

Potential medal threat at Tokyo? We think so!

Men's 100m Backstroke

Olympic Consideration Time - 53:85

1. Joe Litchfield - 54:04

2. Luke Greenbank - 54:12

3. Elliot Clogg - 54:65

Slightly disappointing race in terms of times but nevertheless very competitive. Joe is now in pole position to lead off the 4 x 100 medley relay, but there is plenty of racing to be done before then.

We wish Luke a speedy recovery from his sprained ankle!!

Women's 200m Breaststroke

Olympic Consideration Time - 2:23:37

1. Molly Renshaw - 2:20:89 (OC) BRITISH RECORD

2. Abbie Wood - 2:21:69 (OC)

3. Jocelyn Ulyett - 2:24:40

Molly Renshaw obliterates the previous British Record mark in the 200m Breaststroke by a stunning 1.5 seconds! Got to be up there as a swim of the meet contender!!

Can she win gold in Tokyo?

Shout out to Abbie Wood for putting the missed 200m Freestyle consideration disappointment behind her and swimming not just under the Olympic Consideration Time, but also under the previous British Record mark!! We knew something big was coming in this race but WOW!!!!

Day 3

Men's 400m IM

Olympic Consideration Time - 4:13:47

1. Max Litchfield - 4:12:67 (OC)

2. Brodie Williams - 4:12:95 (OC)

3. Mark Szaranek - 4:17:44

Two massive consideration times hit!! That's now both the Litchfield brothers hopefully going to Tokyo. Mum and Dad must be over the moon!!

Brodie Williams with a massive 3.5 second lifetime best to join Max under the consideration time!!

Women's 200m Butterfly

Olympic Consideration Time - 2:08:32

1. Alys Thomas - 2:08:09 (OC)

2. Keanna MacInnes - 2:08:86

3. Laura Stephens - 2:09:53

What a role model Alys Thomas is! She shows her pedigree by sneaking under the Olympic consideration time and puts herself into a fantastic position of qualifying for her first-ever Olympics at the age of 30. Some brilliant underwater work which all youngsters need to watch back!!

Men's 100m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 48.35

1. Duncan Scott - 47:78 (OC) EQUAL BRITISH RECORD

2. Matt Richards - 48:23 (OC)

3. Tom Dean - 48:51

Easily the race of Day 3!! Duncan Scott equals his British Record in very comfortable fashion, this boy is special!! Matt Richards secures his Olympic Consideration Time at only 18 years old! That second 50m of his is seriously good!

Worth mentioning the depth in this final bodes really well for the 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay team!!

Women's 400m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 4:05:96

1. Holly Hibbott - 4:07:03

2. Leah Crisp - 4:14:03

3. Tamryn Van Selm - 4:16:17

Very tough race for Holly Hibbott, swimming alone for most of the race. She gave absolutely everything and was very unfortunate to just miss the consideration time. Still plenty more meets for her to improve and lower her time!

Men's 200m Breaststroke

Olympic Consideration Time - 2:09:05

1. James Wilby - 2:08:06 (OC)

2. Ross Murdoch - 2:08:98 (OC)

3. Gregory Butler - 2:13:43

Job Done!!

The two boys, as expected, go under the Olympic Consideration Time. Expecting lots more improvements come Tokyo, especially with men's 200m Breaststroke being at a very high standard across the world right now!!

Day 4

Women's 100m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 53:88

1. Freya Anderson - 53:40 (OC)

2. Anna Hopkin - 53:49 (OC)

3. Lucy Hope - 54:19

Two more consideration times hit, as expected if we are perfectly honest!! Nothing to split the two of them on paper or in the pool all day!!

Men's 50m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 21:78

1. Ben Proud - 21:42 (OC)

2. Yusuke Legard - 22:10

3. Jacob Whittle - 22:55

Ben Proud with a massive marker laid down come Tokyo!!

We thought this was a tough consideration time to hit in April and he's obliterated it to go the second-fastest time of the year.

Is a Tokyo medal inbound in this event for Ben? Based off that performance, we think YES!

Women's 200m Backstroke

Olympic Consideration Time - 2:08:44

1. Kathleen Dawson - 2:08:14 (OC)

2. Cassie Wild - 2:10:94

3. Honey Osrin - 2:11:76

Kathleen Dawson carries on her supreme Backstroke form, clearly solidifying herself as the best of British! A tough consideration time hit, but she smashes it with a big new lifetime best!!

Men's 100m Butterfly

Olympic Consideration Time - 51:96

1. James Guy - 51:44 (OC)

2. Jacob Peters - 51:65 (OC)

3. Ed Mildred - 52:67

As expected, Jimmy goes comfortably under the consideration time. He drags Jacob Peters along with him to a big new lifetime best and under that all-important Olympic consideration time!!

Who will be the Butterfly swimmer when it comes to the 4 x 100 Medley Relay?

Women's 200m IM

Olympic Consideration Time - 2:11:10

1. Abbie Wood - 2:09:23 (OC)

2. Alicia Wilson - 2:09:61 (OC)

3. Candice Hall - 2:13:67

Alicia Wilson proving she's a name to watch in this event as she secures that Olympic Consideration Time with plenty of room to spare!

Such has Abbie Wood's form been recently, that new lifetime best in this event almost goes unnoticed!

Day 5

Men's 1500m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 14:55:91

1. Dan Jervis - 14:51:49 (OC)

2. Tobias Robinson - 15:01:35

3. Luke Turley - 15:07:71

Dan Jervis finally secures his consideration time after only just missing it in the other two events he entered!! We're very happy for him and it's an amazing way to end his meet!

Women's 1500m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 16:04:14

1. Leah Crisp - 16:46:09

2. Lucy Charles Barclay - 16:46:26

3. Emily Clarke - 16:59:69

What a battle!!!

With just 0.17 separating the two girls after 1500m! Iron Women Lucy Charles Barclay nearly pulling off a memorable upset!

Women's 100m Breaststroke

Olympic Consideration Time - 1:06:79

1. Sarah Vasey - 1:06:37 (OC)

2. Molly Renshaw - 1:06:72 (OC)

3. Kara Hanlon - 1:08:00

Delighted for Sarah Vasey who had to wait 5 days in the hotel for this race!! A massive lifetime best from her to comfortably go under the Olympic Consideration time, with Loughborough teammate Molly Renshaw joining her!!

Men's 200m Backstroke

Olympic Consideration Time - 1:56:60

1. Luke Greenbank - 1:56:70

2. Elliot Clogg - 1:57:77

3. Brodie Williams - 1:58:76

An event that didn't quite live up to the hype. Luke's ankle clearly a bit of a distraction for all, but luckily his pre-selection means tonight's slower time isn't likely to give selectors too many headaches!

Women's 50m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 24:60

1. Anna Hopkin - 24:79

2. Isabella Hindley - 25:13

2. Lucy Hope - 25:13

The tough consideration time to hit proved just out of reach for Anna Hopkin but we expect her to target this at meets later on in the season and achieve that Olympic Consideration Time of 24:60 as Tokyo approaches!!

Men's 200m Freestyle

Olympic Consideration Time - 1:46:99

1. Duncan Scott - 1:44:47 (OC) BRITISH RECORD

2. Tom Dean - 1:44:58 (OC)

3. Matt Richards - 1:45:77


We hyped it, and boy did this race deliver!

Duncan Scott with a monster British Record, he really looks to be one of the form 200m Freestylers in the world!! After a meet of personal bests, Tom Dean confirms his consideration spot on the Tokyo team and rightly so!! A 1:44:58 would usually be head and shoulders ahead of the field but such is the depth of British Freestyle right now!!

Also worth noting that Matt Richards secures a huge lifetime best and British Age Group Record with a 1:45:77. The GB Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay team is now surely favourite going into Tokyo!

Our Team Selection

After such a successful Olympic Trials, this is the team we believe that should be selected to represent Great Britain for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games:

Women (13)

Abbie Wood, Aimee Willmott, Alicia Wilson, Alys Thomas, Anna Hopkin, Cassie Wild, Freya Anderson, Harriet Jones, Holly Hibbott, Kathleen Dawson, Laura Stephens, Molly Renshaw, Sarah Vasey.

Men (17)

Adam Peaty, Ben Proud, Brodie Williams, Calum Jarvis, Dan Jervis, Duncan Scott, Jacob Peters, Jacob Whittle, James Guy, James Wilby, Joe Litchfield, Kieran Bird, Luke Greenbank, Matt Richards, Max Litchfield, Ross Murdoch, Tom Dean.

Check out the live stream below of our coverage of the final day of the British Selection Trials 2021!!

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