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If you want to analyse your swimming in order to improve, then you're going to need the right equipment to do so! Check out these 4 must have items that we use when we film our swimming videos!

When learning how to film swimming it's important to look at the picture from several different angles; both above the water and underwater. Combining all these items will allow you to do so and therefore look back on your swimming technique and improve your swimming in the future!

GoPro Hero Black 8

The first piece of equipment you are going to need is an action cam and we recommend the GoPro. With the GoPro being waterproof and extremely durable, it is a great piece of equipment to start off your swimming analysis with.

The great thing about GoPro is you do not need to get a brand new one the ones we use to film our videos are two generations old and you can find them at a reasonable price on eBay.

One massive advantage of using a GoPro is being able to access your footage at the touch of a button. You can download all your videos into the GoPro app and analyse your swimming in real time.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Now that you've got yourself a camera to film your swimming, you're going to need a way to safely secure it in and around the pool. For this we recommend a suction mount.

We've tried several unbranded suction mounts without any success. That's why we'd recommend the Go Pro official product.

Using this type of mount it will allow me to fix your camera securely to any tiled, glass or ceramic surface that are prevalent at many swimming pools.

Sametop Clamp

Just like the suction mount, a crocodile clamp can be fixed to any part of the pool to help you gain static footage to analyse your swimming.

However, we like to fix ours onto a lifeguard pole which enables us

to follow the swimmer up and down the pool.

By safely securing your camera to a pole it will enable you to gain angles that previously would have been unattainable. For example, you could now view a swimmer from above. An angle that

Telesin Dome

The final piece of equipment that we'd recommend you using is the Telesin dome.

This funky piece of kit will enable you to get a shot both above and

under the water in one.

By placing this dome along the surface of the water you'll be able to see a swimmers technique both above and below allowing a swim coach to seethe full range of their technique which previously wouldn't have been available to them.

Check out the video below!!

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