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For those of you that have never heard of KitBrix before, you aren’t alone. We wish we had heard of them sooner!

We have been trialing out their bags for about a month now and for us, we think the quality of them is amazing. The idea behind KitBrix is that their bags are built with one purpose, which is to save you time and enable you to perform at your best.

KitBrix has high-quality fabrics, an intelligent layout, and simple functionality which makes it easy to use and extremely convenient. They have really put a lot of focus on the detail of their bags and it shows by the designs and materials they’ve used.

Features of the Bag

Whether you are swimmers like we are, a triathlete, an open water swimmer, or just a keen fitness goer, a KitBrix bag is one bag for all sports.

One thing that open water swimmers will like about this bag is that it has a rugged waterproof base that protects your gear against the elements time and time again. Whether it’s rain, rocks, or wind; it’s no problem for KitBrix. It's also not just the base that’s waterproof, the whole bag is. So, if you need to clean your KitBrix after a muddy training day or a beach swim, you can simply wipe it or jet washes the whole thing down.

For us as pool swimmers, we like to use the bags on poolside to put our swim kit in such as fins and a snorkel. So, if you ever needed them during a swim set, you can easily access them at the end of the lane while still in the water, without the worry of the water ruining your bag. There's a big pocket inside which you can place all your valuables in, and many outside net pockets for those easy to access things you may need such as a drinks bottle or quick nutrition snacks.

If you're a swimmer that follows written swim sets, there is a see-through compartment on the underside of the opening which you can use to place your swim sets in. This for us is a key feature of the bag. As we were former competitive swimmers, we find it difficult to just swim up and down the lane without a particular set to follow. With the KitBrix bag being waterproof and the small see-through compartment, we're able to put our bag at the end of the lane and refer to the swim set we've written whenever we need to.


When you first get the bag it is very stiff and rigid proving just how tough and durable the materials of the bag are. It took us a while and a lot of use for it to start to wear down and the zips to loosen off. Although it's fairly difficult to open and close the bag at the beginning, we see it as a positive that the bag will truly last the test of time. It's likely to be one of the sturdiest bags we’ve ever owned.

The bag comes with only one strap which is perfectly fine if you drive a car or walk to work or the pool, but if you're someone who is a regular bike rider, the practicality is a little harder. Having only one strap can be pretty uncomfortable and can cause you to lose balance on the bike which is the last thing you want.

With the bag being square in shape and structure, it's not the most comfortable when you're carrying it around. With your regular rucksack that has two straps and a flatter natured structure, it's easy to rest it on your back and won't cause you any discomfort.

Best Part of the KitBrix Bag

However, the single strap issue can be solved with this genius idea, and this is possibly our favourite thing about Kitbrix. It can be joined or zipped onto another KitBrix bag to form a rucksack , making a bike ride a lot easier.

If you are a triathlete and perhaps train both swimming and cycling on the same day, you can combine the two bags and simply have one bag for your wet swim stuff and the other bag for your cycling gear. These can be easily marked with the supplied icons which then removes the stress from preparation, leaving you completely organised.

The great thing is that it’s not just two bags you can join together, it can be as many as you want. Let's say you’re a football coach and you need to separate out all of the equipment you need to bring for training or match days. You can use one bag as a first aid kit, another bag for the football kit, another for the half time drinks and oranges, the list can go on. With the bags being square in shape they will all fit and slot really easily into the boot of your car.

Final Thoughts

So, our final thoughts about this bag is that it’s great. It makes organising and transporting our kit easy and simple. Our KitBrix bags now go pretty much everywhere with us. Whether we're out for a swim, going to work or traveling around, this bag is definitely worth the investment and you won’t regret buying one, or two, or more.

Check out the video below!!

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