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Each of the Learn to Swim Stage awards have a list of outcomes that need to be completed to gain each certificate and badge.

In stage 3, swimmers will develop the kicking ability on both their front and their back as well as the submerging skills for other disciplines such as synchro, diving and competitive swimming.

Swimmers will develop safe entries into the water, including submersion, and travel up to 10 metres on their front and back. Water safety knowledge and rotation skills will also be progressed.

1. Jump In From the Poolside and Submerge

Swimmers need to jump in as they already have learned in stage two, but this time fully submerging underwater afterwards.

2. Sink and Push Away from the Wall

In this outcome, swimmers need to submerge underwater, push off the wall with their arms extended in front of them, and then glide underneath the surface for as long as they can.

3. Push and Glide on their Front with their Arms Extended and Log Roll onto their Back

Swimmers will practice streamlining and rotation here. They need to push off the wall, have their arms extended on their front with their eyes facing down, and then log roll onto their back by turning their head and body sideways, eventually looking at the ceiling.

4. Push and Glide on their Back with their Arms Extended and Log Roll onto their Front

This outcome is the opposite to the previous outcome where swimmers now have to push off on their back and then roll onto their front.

5. Travel 5m on their Front, Perform a Tuck to Rotate onto their Back and Return on their Back

In this outcome, swimmers will need to swim on their front for five metres, then tuck their knees into their chest, lie backwards, and swim five meters on their back without touching the floor.

6. Fully Submerge and Pick up an Object

In this outcome, swimmers have to pick up an object off the floor at a minimum of 0.9 meters.

7. Correctly Identify Three Key Water Safety Messages

Swimmers can choose from:

- Always swimming in a safe place,

- Always swimming with an adult

- If you fall in remember to float breathe and relax

- If someone else is in trouble call 999 or 112.

8. Push and Glide and Travel 10m on their Back

In this outcome, swimmers have to swim 10 meters on their back without stopping. They don't have to use their arms to complete this, but should always be encouraged to use them.

9. Push and Glide and Travel 10m on their Front

Like the previous outcome, swimmers have to travel 10 meters without stopping, but this time on their front. Again they don't have to use their arms but should be encouraged to use them when attempting this outcome.

10. Perform a Tuck Float and Hold for Three Seconds

This outcome helps children understand flotation a little better. They have to tuck their knees in towards their chest and float on their back for 3 seconds.

11. Exit the Water Safely Without Using the Steps

This final outcome can be done by getting swimmers to climb out over the wall by sliding onto their bellies, raising their knee onto the side, and lifting themselves up.

Check out the video below!!

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