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The Learn to Swim Stages can be achieved by having group swimming lessons or private swimming lessons with a swim instructor at your local swimming pool.

In stage four, swimmers will be working on the leg kicks for all four strokes and aim to swim 10 meters of their choice of stroke to the Swim England expected standards. Their understanding of buoyancy will increase through a range of skills, they will further develop their push and glides from previous stages, and swimmers will also be introduced to sculling.

When swimmers have finished the stage, they're expected to have a clear ability to perform the four recognized leg kicks. There's 10 outcomes in stage four, so let's go through them.

1. Perform a Sequence of Changing Shapes whilst Floating

This first outcome focuses on buoyancy. Swimmers will need to be able to perform at least three types of floats in a sequence. For example: star float, pencil float, and tuck float.

2. Push and Glide from the Wall Towards the Pool Floor

For this outcome, swimmers have to do a sinking push and glide, similar to the way they practiced in stage three, but this time aiming towards the pool floor in a diagonal position.

3. Travel 10m doing Backstroke Kick

The next four outcomes are practicing the leg kick for each stroke and can be done with one item of equipment if they choose to. For this outcome, they have to kick for 10 meters on their back making sure they have straight legs and relaxed ankles.

4. Travel 10m doing Front Crawl Kick

This is where swimmers have to kick 10 meters again, but this time on their front. Kicking with their eyes looking underwater is compulsory and helps keep their body position high in the water.

5. Travel 10m doing Butterfly Kick

Swimmers will probably know this better as dolphin kick. This outcome can be done for 10 meters either on their front or on their back. Doing it on their front is the easier option but swimmers can try to do on their back if they want to challenge themselves.

6. Travel 10m doing Breaststroke Kick

The last kick outcome in this stage is breaststroke which swimmers will most likely find the hardest one. If their legs are moving simultaneously, their feet are turned outwards and they squeeze their feet together after each kick, they will complete this outcome.

7. Perform a Head First Sculling Action

Sculling is done on their back and performed at a slow and steady rate. Some swimmers may find this outcome to be a sticking point as some coordination is required. Swimmers need to make sure that they twist their wrists so their palms are the only part of their hand pushing against the water.

8. Travel on their Back and Log Roll in a Continuous Movement onto their Front

Swimmers are required to log roll from their back and onto their front in a nice smooth transition. This is an outcome that involves practicing body rotation.

9. Travel on their Front and Log Roll in a Continuous Movement onto their Back

Like the previous outcome, swimmers are required to do a log roll but this time from their front onto their back.

10. Push and Glide and Swim 10m of their Choice of Stroke

Swimmers can choose what stroke they would like to swim and they have to swim 10 meters of it to the Swim England expected standards.

Check out the video below!!

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