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The Swim England Learn to Swim Programme is split into progressive stages and are designed to help children towards their development of the essential aquatic skills they need, to be confident, competent and safe in the water.

Stage five is about ensuring all of the outcomes done in the previous stages are developed even further. This means that swimmers will develop their technique and skills and perform all four swimming strokes to the Swim England expected standards. Swimmers will learn the correct arm pull for all four strokes and learn enjoyable elements such as handstands and somersaults.

Stage five is a vital stage for young swimmers as they will learn to tread water, which is an important area of development and a crucial life-saving skill. There are 12 outcomes in total for this stage, so let's take a look at them.

1. Perform a Flat Stationary Scull

Like in all types of sculling, a swimmer's palms need to be the only part of their hand pushing against the water. So to complete this outcome, swimmers need to be able to do the sculling action while staying horizontal and in the same position in the water.

2. Perform a Feet First Sculling Action for 5m

For feet first sculling swimmers need to lie on their back and move through the water with their feet traveling first. To do this you need to push the water out away from your legs and keep your fingers pointed downwards.

3. Perform a Sculling Sequence for 30 to 45 Seconds with a Partner

This can be a fun outcome for the swimmers as they get into pairs and perform a sculling routine that lasts between 30 and 45 seconds. They can do a variety of things and can treat it as a kind of dance routine.

4. Tread Water for 30 Seconds

This outcome is the vital life-saving skill that swimmers will learn. They need to be able to keep their head above the water while being in a vertical body position for 30 seconds. Of course this will need to be done when they are in the deep end or out of their depth.

5. Perform Three Different Shaped Jumps into Deep Water

This is a nice fun outcome for the swimmers to do. All the swimmers need to do is to jump into deep water three times doing three different shape jumps. Swimmers can do star jumps, pencil jumps or tuck jumps.

6. Push and Glide and Swim 10m Backstroke

Swimmers need to make sure that their arms and legs are stretched out throughout and that they brush their ears with their shoulders every time their arms come over the water.

7. Push and Glide and Swim 10m Front Crawl

For this outcome swimmers need to make sure that their arms come over the water on each stroke. If they can breathe to the side when performing front crawl that's a bonus and will help greatly when it comes to stage six.

8. Push and Glide and Swim 10m Breaststroke

This will be technically the hardest outcome for the swimmers to complete. Co-ordination is a big factor when it comes to swimming breaststroke so to make it easier for the swimmers, they can try and do the leg kick first followed by the arm pull.

9. Push and Glide and Swim 10m Butterfly

This will physically be the hardest outcome for the swimmers to complete as it will be hard for young swimmers to lift their arms over the water. The swimmers need to concentrate on the timing of the stroke to make it a little easier for them.

10. Perform a Handstand and Hold for a Minimum of Three Seconds

Swimmers have to perform a handstand making sure their hands touch the floor and their feet are in the air for at least three seconds. Keeping their chin tucked in towards their chest will help during this outcome.

11. Perform a Somersault

Swimmers need to be able to perform a somersault in the water by keeping themselves in a tucked position. The faster the swimmers rotate to do the somersault the easier they'll find it.

12. Demonstrate an Action for Getting Help

This last outcome can be a loud one for teachers and parents watching on the side. The swimmers need to demonstrate an action for getting help by waving their hands and shouting for help while treading water.

Check out the video below!!

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