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Streamline Dolphin Kick is easily the most important swimming skill you are going to need to improve your times, and is often referred to as the Fifth Stroke in swimming!

Swimmers with a strong Streamline Dolphin Kick have a great advantage when it comes to racing as it is used in every swimming event with the exception of breaststroke events. This is the reason why many coaches get their swimmers to practice their streamline dolphin kick in most sessions to get as much advantage as possible when they race.

Key Components

There are a few key components for an effective Streamline Dolphin Kick. These include:

- Engaging core muscles when being in the streamline position for a stronger and more powerful dolphin kick.

- Squeezing both arms behind ears and keeping both legs together for a tight streamlined position which reduces drag through the water.

- Pointing toes and extend ankles to again reduce drag.


Another element to think about is the undulation. The undulation on dolphin kick should begin by pressing your chest down first, followed by your hips, and then feet. As soon as your feet finish the downward movement, begin the upward movement immediately so there is no pause during the kick movement. When doing Streamline Dolphin Kick, you want to make sure you’re staying as fluid as possible by maintaining a quick kick rate.


An important thing to consider when aiming to have a proficient kick is whether you want the kick movements to be big or small. If the kick is big, you will feel powerful but you’ll more than likely be creating too much drag. If the kick is small, you will feel fast but you won’t be pushing enough water to drive yourself through the water efficiently.

Ideally, you’ll have to find a middle-ground between the two. You need to find a way to combine both power and speed in your kick. A lot of this will come down to trial and error to see what works best for you.

Check out this drill in full in the video below!!

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